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Round Two: Challenge One

Round 2 - Challenge 1: Five Years Gone

Where is Hermione five years after Deathly Hallows. Bearing DH in mind, or ignoring it completely.

* Drabbles must be between 100-499 words
* Please do not post your drabbles anywhere else until the challenge is over, and what you wrote is to remain private until the results are revealed.
* Comments on this post will be screened. Please comment with your submissions, and put the following information at the top of your comment:

* Submissions are due by 8pm Australian Eastern Time (Sydney) on Wednesday, August 15th. Time Zone Converter

- If you have any questions regarding the challenge, feel free to comment on this post with them.

PLEASE NOTE: Challenges will not be extended, entries must be in by the deadline.

Your name will be crossed off the following list when you submit a valid entry:

1. a_theanalyst
2. brentdax
3. cinnamon_kisses

4. marie_j_granger
5. aqua_chuu
6. star54kar
7. hermyfan
8. hymenchan
9. marsgirl101
10. wernotalone
11. wickedswanz
12. kcstories
13. chaotic_vanity
14. sonneta
15. a_bees_buzz
16. drcjsnider
17. concinnity_
18. floorcoaster
19. pinkwands
20. angryteabag
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