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Round 2, Challenge 1: Results

Results under the cut. The winning drabble for the first challenge was "Hiding" by brentdax, congratulations! Unfortunately, hermyfan has been eliminated. Thank you for participating!

Next to the user names is your tally in brackets. Favourite votes are subtracted from Least Favourite, so you want to have a low tally.

  1. Legacy by kcstories (0)
  2. Five Year Plan by wernotalone (-)
  3. Happily Ever After by freetheevles2 (0)
  4. Happy Memories by concinnity_ (3)
  5. Dawning by aqua_chuu (-2)
  6. Choices by a_bees_buzz (-1)
  7. A Wizard's Bet by drcjsnider (0)
  8. Staples by pinkwands (0)
  9. Never Been Better by a_theanalyst (-1)
  10. Celebration by angryteabag (1)
  11. Hiding by brentdax (-3)
  12. Senses by floorcoaster (-2)
  13. Late Nighter by sonneta (3)
  14. Defence by chaotic_vanity (-1)
  15. A Kindred Spirit by star54kar (-2)
  16. Almost Lover by cinnamon_kisses (-)
  17. Paperwork by marsgirl101 (2)
  18. Time To Have A Baby! by hermyfan (4)
  19. Reading Material by wickedswanz (2)

I have unscreened comments to the submission post which will make it easy to see who wrote what. Feel free to post your drabbles other places now, next challenge will be up tomorrow (my time).

Tags: round two

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