August 11th, 2007

five oh

Rules Reminder & Whatnots

The first challenge will be posted very soon. In the meantime I wanted to address the results of the poll. All participants bar two filled it in, so thank you to all of you.

First, Deathly Hallows. Since not everyone has read it, challenges will not be centered around events from the book. That doesn't mean that you can't write something that refers to something that happened in the books. Spoilers are everywhere now, it'll be part of the header details that you include with your submission.

Skips. The overwhelming majority of answers, was yes to skips. So they will be included. It was mentioned about letting us know that you wouldn't be submitting, although if you can't submit, you may not be able to let us know. If you can, that would be great, but if not. My main fear with skips is that people will use them strategically, or just to avoid a challenge. I hope that that won't happen, but there is no way to police it.

All participants will have ONE skip in their possession. Once you've used that, and you don't submit for a challenge, you are out.
They will not be able to be used when there are less than five people contesting.

Now, a reminder about how this works.

- On Saturday evenings, a challenge will be posted. The participants have until 8pm AEST (Aust Eastern Standard Time) the following Wednesday to submit a Hermione-centric drabble that fits the challenge, and is between 100 & 499 words.
- There will be a header template included on the submission post that needs to be filled in, and placed at the top of your comment. Comments to the submission post are screened.
- Please note that the posting or the deadline will not be extended or postponed. If your drabble is not in at the time, it's not in. If you have a skip, that will move you into the next round, if you don't have a skip still, you will be eliminated. I've been involved with challenges were the deadline was stretched, and it's unfair to everyone who does get in on time.
- Drabbles will be posted with a voting form shortly after 8pm, on the Wednesday.
- Voting is open for 48hrs following that post. 8pm Friday. The writer with the most votes, using the tally method is eliminated.
- And then the next challenge will be posted the following Saturday, and the cycle goes on till there is one drabble writer standing.

If any of the new participants have any questions, please ask them. The next challenge will be posted shortly.

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Round Two: Challenge One

Round 2 - Challenge 1: Five Years Gone

Where is Hermione five years after Deathly Hallows. Bearing DH in mind, or ignoring it completely.

* Drabbles must be between 100-499 words
* Please do not post your drabbles anywhere else until the challenge is over, and what you wrote is to remain private until the results are revealed.
* Comments on this post will be screened. Please comment with your submissions, and put the following information at the top of your comment:

* Submissions are due by 8pm Australian Eastern Time (Sydney) on Wednesday, August 15th. Time Zone Converter

- If you have any questions regarding the challenge, feel free to comment on this post with them.

PLEASE NOTE: Challenges will not be extended, entries must be in by the deadline.

Your name will be crossed off the following list when you submit a valid entry:

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