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hermione_ldws's Journal

Hermione Last Drabble Writer Standing
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Artwork by napchic, Banner by star54kar

Welcome to hermione_ldws!

We are modeled after ldws, only in this variation the drabbles are Hermione Granger Centric. This means that they feature Hermione in a different pairing, or are genfic featuring Hermione as the central character.

1. A challenge will be posted every Sunday and the entry will be due every Friday at a time to be figured out!
2. Voting will occur, for the favorite and least favorite.
3. We will minus the the favorite votes from least favorite votes. Example: Someone gets 3 favorites and 5 least favorites vote, they will in the end have a total of 2. Whoever has the most is out for the week.
4. You must be a member of the community to enter. I would also advise "friending" the community, there won't be many posts to spam your flist, but you don't want to be late noticing the challenges.
5. You must have an open mind to all ships and ideas including slash. Rating can be as high as R.
6. Drabbles have to be between 100-500 words.
7. When you comment to sign up, put "Books & Cleverness" in your subject so we know that you read the rules!
8. All drabbles will be posted as a comment by the user.

Stylesheet by barubaron

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